World Wildlife Fund

imagine... an ad campaign for a cause

This campaign was created to promote environmental awarness on behalf of The World Wildlife Fund. These concept ads were designed to promote World Wildlife Day with their "Imagine a World without Nature" theme and to highlight the disruptive nature of A.I. in terms of governance and biases that are inherent within A.I. algorithmic design.

World Wildlife Fund
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The Client

World Wildlife Fund

For World Wildlife Day, Friday, March 3, 2023, WWF was working with companies, NGOs, and sports teams to remove the nature from their branding for a day.

The #worldwithoutnature global activation brought together hundreds of brands for a common cause—to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity and the risks that it poses.

For the third time ever, WWF’s iconic panda faded away from its website homepage and social media. For the inaugural campaign on March 3, 2021, more than 250 sports teams, brands, organizations, and governments removed nature from their logos to speak up for nature.

The Challenge

WWF collaborated with AI Discord Group Creators on their social feeds to create an awareness campaign using AI to generate provocative images in their "World Without Nature" Day.

The Solution

I created an awareness ad campaign that married the idea of natural resource depletion with the socio-economic effects of disruptive AI technology.

In this campaign, I attempt to visualize and imagine how it might look if machines have penetrated deeply into our societies.

As AI adoption becomes more disruptive and prevalent, I wanted to highlight the importance of governance, being that governance is a fundamental aspect of the World Wildlife Fund's mission and an integral part of their campaign.

The point I wanted to underscore was that governance is key to the moral fabric of our collective well being.

With AI becoming the future matrix for our societal interactions, I wanted to help people understand that the fabric of our collective human interactions and governance is changing too.

World Wildlife Fund

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For more about how AI is disrupting the norms of our societal structures you can read this:

"In order to Outsmart A.I. Traps we Have to be Aware of Them"

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imagine... an ad campaign for a cause

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