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Design sprints & Lectures

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Design Sprints

I offer embedding myself into a team setting for a design sprint to show your team how to apply A.I. generative solutions toward your projects.

Learn the kinds of skills that will be necessary to train a team and implement use of A.I. into your creative workflow.

Custom Lectures

I create customized lectures to educate creatives in understanding A.I. driven solutions and in implementing A.I. generative art into their projects.

Creative Advertising


A.I. generative tech has advanced to the point that you can create meaningful, polished deliverable assets.

Advertising is a space that can benefit from A.I. generative art using creative photography and concept art.

Creative Directors, Copywriters, and Art Directors can benefit tremendously by using A.I. to flesh out ideas and have team members and clients understand your vision.

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Content Creation


A.I. generative art can create compelling visuals and support messaging for marketing campaigns. If you have an in-house team you can train them to use A.I. to boost workflow and deliver meaningful campaigns.

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industry specific design solutions

Advance your workflow and leverage your budgets to do more with A.I. Generative imagery.

A.I. Generative Art boosts the design process for industry specific needs.

Replace your sketchbook with AI generative design.

For example you can use A.I. ideation in Fashion Design in the following ways:

1. Source your materials with visual aids.
2. Sell an entire line of clothing to a buyer by presenting a full line concept.
3. Expedite your workflow and have team members understand your vision with fully fleshed out ideas instead of sketches.

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Woman in dress with Blue Pattern
Hack Pack for Midjourney

interior design & set design

Learn how to apply A.I. generative solutions toward your projects.

Imagine and iterate so that teams can participate more deeply in the design process and stages.

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