New Balance

conjure... A pr stunt as a new line of clothing

New Balance asked for a demo pitch on how A.I. Generative Art might facilitate new ideas and/or be included in their workflow. I created a new line of clothing that was designed especially to promote brand awareness for New Balance as sponsors of the annual London Marathon.

New Balance
Concept Art
Product Design

Celebrating the lonely road of grit and stamina toward new personal achievements.

The Client

In collaboration with Brave Bison Performance Marketers and New Balance, I was asked to contribute to an A.I. Generative Masterclass that would educate corporations on the possibilities of A.I. creativity and tools.

The Challenge

As an a sponsor of the annual London Marathon, New Balance was seeking to understand how A.I. Generative tech could create and foster ideas that could promote brand awareness and increase sales by building on existing product lines.

New Balance

The Solution

My concept was to augment the existing product offerings that were tailor made for the New Balance London Marathon event.

The concept was to build an aesthetic design scheme that could be a beautiful fashion statement whilst celebrating both the customer's commitment to fitness and endurance and echo this message in New Balance's brand statement.

The idea to use glow in the dark materials in a fashionable way solved for the following:

- To add a layer of safety to the fashion items and support marathon runners that often train during dark hours of early morning and evening.

- To add an element to the clothing that could be also used to harness a publicity stunt during the race, as all the new balance customers would glow in photo ops by the press.

To add a unique and memorable fashion statement that would be iconic for New Balance fashion product line for marathon runners.

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conjure... A pr stunt as a new line of clothing

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